Coolwave Limited offers the following range of services:-

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Website development and Design
The ability to deliver current, meaningful and relevant content to users and customers – about your product, your service and your market is how trust is built in your web presence and how repeat loyal site traffic is developed.

Areas covered:





Online stores

Membership services & management

Customer relationship management

Supply chain

Managing your Content
Coolwave solutions have considerable expertise in providing systems to help clients get content flowing onto their web sites. Coolwave systems for content management do not rely on staff familiarity with complex HTML editing packages or databases.
This expertise has been developed by members of the Coolwave team over the past 10 years. Coolwave's portfolio includes projects developed for the private and public sector and for a wide range of budgets.
Coolwave have recently launched their new Sitesia Content Management System.

When your customers come to rely on the information you are providing through you web site – you may want to develop your relationship with them further and offer online ordering and payment options. Our pragmatic approach allows you to introduce ordering and payment options with scalable technology. Complete secure credit card transaction systems integrated with your own Banks approved system, with Netbanx or with other approved providers.

Customer / Membership Relationship management
Companies / Associations can generate greater customer equity and profitable revenue growth by building new capabilities that –

  • Better understands the individual needs of the customer / member
  • Supports the organisation in meeting customer needs
  • Delivers the required customer experience to a consistent standard

For many organisations, building strong customer relationships in an era of intense competition presents a significant challenge. Online shopping and trading are here to stay and will become more prevalent. Choice and control sits with the customer – you have to provide the information they want, when it is wanted and allow them to purchase or subscribe in their time – otherwise they will go elsewhere. Coolwave's systems allow you to join this rapidly expanding network and to make new capital from it.

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